How to Order

1. Pick the design of your clay 😀 (you can check my instagram cumbercupcakes, or tumblr for reference)

2. Read Clays page for price, packaging and shipping info

3. Copy, paste and fill in this template and send it to my e-mail





Postal Code:




I will reply to it and send you the payment details (Paypal)

4. I use regular shipping and it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive

5. Feel free to e-mail me any question and request your own custom design 😀

22 thoughts on “How to Order

  1. Hey, I saw on twitter that you also make birthday cakes with the clay little figurines 😀 I checked your website to see the price range of the cakes plus stoppers, but no luck 😦
    If you could tell me how I can go about buying one of your awesome cakes I would be so grateful 😀 thank you xx

    • Hi dear, yes i made birthday cake too but i don’t deliver it overseas 😀 impossible to ship edible food to another country btw where do you live? I live in indonesia

  2. Hello, so happy you do clays as I adore the cumbercakes but live in UK so cannot have them. Please can you tell me how I order the Sherlock and Watson clays ( one with Sherlock playing violin, cannot see ref no) thanks, Tania

  3. When will your next lot of orders be available to buy? Thank you. Ps, I LOVE your designs. Every one of them is completely brilliant x

  4. I LOVE your work! My daughter is a BIG fan too. I’d like to order a Sherlock playing the violin for her for Christmas. Can you tell me how much it would cost. with a box (we live in USA).? I have a Paypal account. Please send me instructions. Thank you SO much.

  5. Hi Veerent,

    How long does it usually take you to reply to an email? I fear that mine hasn’t delivered properly and you haven’t received it :/

  6. hello there, forgive me if I’m slow, how do I choose the little fella I’d like to order: from the ones available in this month (seeing the pics above)? is it possible to choose from the previous months subjects? thx

    • Hi portia, yep that’s true, cause i need 3-4 weeks to finish the order 😀 or you can drop me e-mail but i will process your order the next month. Thanks sorry for my late reply hehe

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