Hello, my name is Vereen but you can call me Pei. I am a baker, cake designer and cumbercollective :D. Back in July 2013 I started to make cupcake inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch for fans projects on tumblr and since then I can’t stop making these adorable cupcake. And now by lots of request I also make cumberclay, the clay version of the cupcake topper and I’m ready to ship it worlwide.

To thank Benedict for being my inspiration, I will give a percentage of my profit to charity that he supported; Prince’s Trust and my choice Save The Children,  to help unfortunate children in my country, Indonesia.

photo 1-9 photo 2-7 photo 3-3

Thanks and cumberhug to all


(Btw, not a native speaker so please forgive my grammar crime, you all CC xoxo)

All cumbercupcake picture on my instagram Cumbercupcakes

Also my blog

And you can follow me on twitter @vereentjoeng

4 thoughts on “Cumbercupcake

  1. Benedict is always doing funny things to amuse us all. It seems he is deliberately trying to inspire you with your creations 🙂 Well done and I am eagerly awaiting your next collection so I can place my order 🙂

  2. Have you ever made a Snugglebatch cumber clay? I follow you on tumblr and I didn’t know the best way to contact you. I love your work, it’s the most adorable things ever!

    • Aww thanks dear so glad you love my work, you can e-mail me 😀 btw which one is snugglebatch? Hehee sorry

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