Width: 3,5 cm

Height: 7,5cm

Material: Jumping clay



CLAY: $10 (exclude acrylic box and shipping cost)




1. Single Acrylic Box – add $4

2. Couple Acrylic Box – add $6

3. Gift box FREE

4. Frame – add $6



1. 1-2 figurines – add $10

2. 3 figurines or below 500grams  $15

3. 4-6 figurines or above 500grams $25-$30

For Indonesia – free shipping


17 thoughts on “Clays

  1. Hello I’m so happy your doing clays! Is it too late to order now, as I tried to and my email was lost. I would like clay 2 of Sherlock and Watson ( Sherlock playing violin) to ship to UK. Thanks so much, if too late I’ll try again next month, your work is amazing and such fun! Tania

  2. I love your work! They are so adorable! I noticed that you make custom orders, so my question was, do you charge extra for a custom order?

  3. Hello! I´m a friend from Anja Giersch and she asks you to made cake topper for our weddingcake. Tell us please, how we can send you a picture from us and all about the payment. Unfortunately we haven´t a paypal-account.
    Kati and Petja

  4. Hi there! How much would it be for the Benedict photobombing the avengers, plus one or two avengers? Would that be classed as 2/3 clays so $20/$30?

  5. Hi, I’m from Indonesia and just discovered your web. Is it possible to order the Clays? Because I plan to give it to my cousins as a New Year present. Thank you

    • Hi asha, sorry i just saw your message. Unfortunately this month order is closed. And new year is in 3 days whoops, i’ll open next order on jan 1

  6. Hi Pei! I’m from Indonesia and I want to order these beautiful cutiepies cumbercupcakes 😉 Can I ask how much is one of the cupcakes? I’m planning to buy for my birthday. Thanks! 😀

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